Classroom Guidelines, Disclaimers, & Policies for Flint Hills Academy of Music

Core Values & Mission

Flint Hills Academy of Music LLC provides encouraging, educational music instruction and group classes for students of all ages and all skill levels. It is our mission to facilitate a lifetime love of music in every student. In each lesson, students learn foundational concepts of music and composers, express their own creativity with music and improvisation and share their talents with performances scheduled throughout the semester. The benefits of a student learning musical skills have been proven to help with brain development, math skills, phonetics and reading, reducing stress levels and social interaction. We believe the benefits and skills our students will learn at Flint Hills Academy of Music directly impacts their growth by building their confidence levels, improving coordination and concentration along with helping their social and emotional development. We are very excited to have your student be part of this amazing studio family!

Entering Class

Plan to arrive about 5 minutes early for class. Arriving a little before class provides time for your child to settle into the musical environment as they prepare to enjoy exploring instruments, reading books, or listening to music. Please though do not arrive much earlier than that as your educator may be wrapping up another class or preparing for your class. All classes begin on time; please try to be prompt. Occasionally, being late is difficult to avoid. If you find yourself more than 15 minutes late, please contact your instructor as soon as possible to schedule a makeup class.


Remember that parent/caregiver participation is a key ingredient to success in any music program. Your commitment to regular attendance and ongoing participation with your child will lead to more satisfaction, sense of accomplishment and enjoyment for your child and you! Students are given weekly songs and/or music theory to complete and work on for the next lesson. We encourage weekly practice at home in order for your student to continue making progress with their music instrument.

Cell Phones

Please turn off or silence your cell phone before entering into the classroom. If you should need to talk on your cell phone, please step outside of the classroom so it will not disrupt the lesson.

Drinks and Snacks

Please leave juice and snacks in the car with the exception of those babies nursing or bottle feeding. Students are welcome to bring their own water bottles as the water fountains at the studio are not the greatest and do not always work. Some treats will be handed out for holidays, special events, etc. If your child would like to bring treats for his or her birthday, you are welcome to do so as long as you check with the instructor regarding any known food allergies.

What to Bring to Class

Students are provided with a folder and/or lesson book(s)/notebook once they begin class. Student assessments are performed by the instructor for piano curriculum levels. Instructors are very knowledgeable about the different curriculums and will make suggestions for each individual student. We primarily use Piano Pronto and Faber Series in the studio for piano students.

Illnesses & COVID-19

The health of the instructors and families is very important and we want to make sure we do the best we can to provide your student with a safe learning environment. As with any illness, we require all students to be fever free for 24 hours and for a nose not to be running with anything other than clear drainage. It is very difficult to distinguish when a student is suffering from allergies or an illness, so it is best to remain at home if you feel your student is under the weather. Makeup lessons are scheduled individually with your private instructor. In class, we have a “sanitation station” where each student uses hand sanitizer and instruments, benches, etc. are wiped down with antibacterial wipes after every lesson. Masks are required as mandated by the city ordinances. If the mask mandate is lifted and no longer required, it will be up to the individual parent/caregiver to instruct the student to wear a mask during lessons assuming all risks of possible exposure to illness.

Flint Hills Academy of Music LLC has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19; however, Flint Hills Academy of Music LLC cannot guarantee that you or your child(ren) will not become infected with COVID-19. Further, attending class may increase your risk and your child(ren)'s risk of contracting COVID-19. By signing our COVID agreements at enrollment, you acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that you and/or your child(ren) may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by attending lessons/classes and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and death. Upon enrollment, you understand that the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by COVID-19 at Flint Hills Academy of Music LLC may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of myself and others, including, but not limited to, Flint Hills Academy of Music LLC employees, volunteers, private contractors, and program participants and their families.

Makeup Classes

You must provide a 24-hour notice if your child will be absent for a scheduled lesson in order to receive a credit. However, no credit is given if a makeup lesson is scheduled. Also, quarantine arrangements/credits will be made specifically with each individual family as the need arises and timely details are provided from the family to Chelsea Coon, Owner.

You can make up as many classes as you miss, but they must be made up within the same semester the absences occured. Instructors prefer makeup lessons to be done within the same month as the absence if possible. Makeups do not carry over to future semester sessions. To attend a makeup or secondary class, you must reserve your time/day with your student’s instructor.

In the event of inclement weather, keep a look at what school districts are doing regarding closures. You can also keep an eye on the news for school closures or on their respective websites or Facebook pages. If there is a school closure on a day you have class, we will not have any classes that day and you can make up that class pending schedule availability with your instructor.

We always want you to do what is best for you and your family, so even if schools remain open and you feel unsafe to drive, please stay home and we welcome you to schedule a makeup class anytime throughout the current month. We do not offer or process refunds that affect our class scheduling throughout the year caused by extreme weather such as fire, flood, tornado, government requirement, civil or military authority, act of God, or other similar causes beyond our control as this is not the fault or negligence of Flint Hills Academy of Music LLC.

Behavior Expectations During Class

Children are encouraged to express their creativity, music expression, improvisation, etc. while in class with their instructor(s). We feel younger children learn best while being engaged in play activities, sensory motor activities, fine and gross motor activities, rhythm play and advanced listening with music cds or live instruments. Students are expected to show respect and kindness to the instructor and other students inside the building and/or class. If an issue arises, the instructor will discuss with the student and parent/caregiver that same day. If you ever have an issue you would like to discuss, you are always welcome and encouraged to contact the owner, Chelsea Coon, and she will help resolve it.


We welcome visitors to class and enjoy meeting extended family and friends. Please let us know in advance if your student plans on bringing a visitor to class so the instructor can plan accordingly. There may be certain times when visitors will not be allowed due to a conflict of scheduling such as a special performance during class time, COVID-19 regulations regarding the number of people inside the building, etc.

Payment Requirements

Payment for all lessons and group classes are due in full by the 10th of each month. All statements are invoiced on the last day of month and list the next month’s tuition fee. (i.e. January statements are emailed on Dec. 31st, February statements are emailed on Jan. 31st, etc) Tuition fees are collected in advance for instructional lessons. Any credits accrued will be reflected on the next month’s statement. For example, a credit would be listed on the statement for February if your student misses a lesson in January.

You have the option of enrolling into the automatic payment system upon enrollment or anytime after you receive your first statement. All automatic payments are taken out on the 1st of every month. No requests will be accepted to debit auto payments on a different day. You have the option to pay the statements at your own convenience if the 1st of the month does not work for you.

Lesson, theory, rhythm and other music books are provided to the student at the discretion of the instructor and the fees for the book(s) are issued to the student’s account. Most books cost a flat rate of $10.00 per book. Please note: some books cost more depending on the level of the student, how many books are in the series, etc. Advanced students typically receive chord and extra theory books. Please feel free to contact Chelsea Coon with any questions regarding book fees.

You are financially responsible for the entire class tuition amount and any lesson materials and/or instruments given out each month.

Privacy Policy

Any information shared with Flint Hills Academy of Music, LLC is under certain privacy provisions. Information shared with Flint Hills Academy of Music, LLC will be handled by our organization and not shared, sold, or reproduced. Flint Hills Academy of Music, LLC will send personally identifiable information about you to other companies or people when:

  • We need to share your information to provide the product or service you have requested;
  • We need to send the information to companies who work on behalf of Flint Hills Academy of Music, LLC to provide a product or service to you. (Unless we tell you differently, these companies do not have any right to use the personally identifiable information we provide to them beyond what is necessary to assist us.);
  • To fulfill your requests for certain products and services;
  • We respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process.

Copyright Information

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